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Nonsense Soccer

Arcade-style 2D platformer-soccer-hybrid · By AnttiKole


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Nonsense Soccer Update #4
I didn't quite manage to make it a Christmas miracle, but better late than never: Update #4, also known as 0.4.0 is now live on Itch! It includes some community...
3 files — 0.4.0-4de225ca65f74fbd63ab32009060336b40eac7e7
Nonsense Soccer Update #3
Ok, I finally decided. I'm gonna release updates faster for #NonsenseSoccer from now on, because otherwise it'll take me forever to get new stuff out. The updat...
3 files
Nonsense Soccer Update #2
Here's something nice for the weekend: ⚽ Nonsense Soccer update #2 is out now! ⚽ There's lots of new stuff like kick targeting, wall jump, target practice...
3 files
Nonsense Soccer Update #1
Hi soccer fans! My boiler tried hard to prevent this but failed: Update #1 is out and it's a biggie! It includes the coveted 3-4p mode, which really makes the g...
3 files
Nonsense Soccer is here
It's Nonsense Soccer day! Hello, everyone! This being my first release on Itch, you probably don't know anything about me. I'm Antti and I make games. When it's...
2 files